Float Tape Box of 10 Rolls 240 LF

Float Tape Box of 10
Float Tape Box of 10
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Product Description

MATERIAL: Made of an open cellular rubber reinforced with solid rubber particles bonded to cellulose with peel and stick back.

HOW TO APPLY: Acousti-Gasket Tape is placed between floor joists and sub-floor sheathing on studs or between layers of drywall to greatly reduce sound and vibration transfer.

FEATURES: Goes on quickly – 1200 sq ft area in about 30 minutes. SIZE: Roll size is 24' x 1-1/2". THICKNESS: 5/16" thick (8mm).

APPLICATIONS: • Perfect for noisy neighbors (common walls) • Bathrooms • Offices • Classrooms • Conference rooms • Doctors offices • Home theaters • Laundry rooms • Mechanical rooms • Bedrooms • Government/Law enforcement interrogation rooms • Quiet rooms • Sound recording studios• Yacht/Boat engine rooms