RSIC-1 Low Profile (200 Clips Per Case)

RSIC-1 Low Profile (200 Clips Per Case)
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Product Description

The RSIC-1-Low Profile is mounted to the side of a joist or stud. The furring channel is parallel to the framing on a wall or ceiling. The RSIC-1-Low-Profile Clip can be fastened to either a vertical stud, the joist, or the top plate of a wall to create a secure connection for the furring channel.

The RSIC-Low Profile clip is designed for use when the RSIC-1 clip drop the ceiling too far, and a low profile design is desired. For example: A basement ceiling with an existing low ceiling would lose 1-5/8″ with the standard RSIC-1 clip. The RSIC-Low Profile ceiling design has a profile as low as 1/2". This case supplies enough clips for approx 800 sq ft of coverage.